Paper Party in Brooklyn

We're back and finally getting through shipping all of the orders from this year's National Stationery Show and are excited to share some photos from The Year of Party that we hosted with our friends from Dabney Lee and Rock Paper Scissors.  We had a blast previewing our new collections while sipping bubbly and loved seeing some of our favorite stores before the show started including Therese St. Clair, Sweet PaperLee's Specialty and Judy Paulen Designs - and we loved meeting new stores too! We hope you loved seeing what's new from each of us and look forward to continuing to bring bright and shiny new and old favorites to the market!

Product Pantone

Product-Pantone We really are experiencing a Pantone craze - and not only in the design world!  Take a look at just a few of the Pantone inspired concepts in the works.  What will they think of next?

As shown:  Pantone Home Paints concept found on Behance Network, Pantone Wedding by The Dessy Group, Pantone Matryoska by Yar Rassadin, Pantone Fingernail Polish concept by Renata Veiga, and Pantone Gift Packaging by Purpose.

Wrap to your heart's content

creative_gift_wrapAt Haute Papier, we agonize over the perfect gift wrap.  Whether it's wrapping everything in the same paper with the same bows or personalized paper and embellishments for each recipient, we (and by we, I mean me, Sarah) think about it for months.  Is it better to have the overwhelming abundance of different colors and patterns under the tree or the symbiotic and classic look of kraft paper with green grosgrain bows?  What have I done this year, you're just going to have to wait and see, but until then here are a bunch of ideas for wrapping and embellishing to your hearts contest! 1. Linea Paper Garland (I know, I already shared this earlier this week, but I couldn't resist resharing) 2. Quilled Snowflake Ornament (isn't this the most beautiful package topper?!) 3. Don't Open Tags 4. Translucent Wrapping (the simple folding and refolding of tissue paper is so beautiful!) 5. Cut Flower Bow (this is really simple - just cut the loops of a premade bow and voila!) 6. Divine Twine 7. Kraft Paper Wrap (I love adorning packages with pieces of greens from the yard) 8. Sewing Patterns as Gift Wrap