Real Parties: Under the Sea!

Kate and I had a blast putting together all of the cute little touches for our sister's baby shower a couple of weeks ago and couldn't wait to share the final pics with you.  We went a little overboard with the theme, but our sister was so surprised and thrilled with all of the fussing!  My favorite part was the two color letterpress in coral and pool invitation that we created just for her, though I think the mom-to-be's were all of the clear balloon that looked like bubbles, including the giant ones that were three feet wide!  Now, we just need to be patient for another few days until this baby gets here!  Congrats to Ash & Darryl on the little miss!

Vintage Letters

I love everything about vintage letters – the delicate handwriting, the old stamps, and even the crinkled colored paper. It's so refreshing to remember the art handwritten notes, especially during our internet-obsessed time! Check out more vintage letters and the stories behind them at Hawaiian Stamps! I hope this inspires you to pick up a pen and a piece of your own stationery and write a note to someone you care about!

New Pantone Colors!

I was so excited to hear that Pantone recently added 336 new colors as part of its Plus Series! Here at Haute Papier, we’re constantly pulling out our handy dandy Pantone guide to pick out new colors, mix inks, and letterpress colorful creations! I can’t wait to see the new colors, which now total over 1,677 in all! Click here to watch a quick video about the exciting new colors!