Letterpressed & Foil Stamped Advent Calendar

We had so much fun coming up with this year's holiday card.  In fact, we started on it last December, when we had the idea, just a little too late!  We giggled as we came up with the facts behind the different windows, and teased Erin every time some one suggested free shipping as a promo (since she has the final say over accounting at Haute Papier, she always vetoes this one).

The card actually had several runs through several different printers to get to the end product.  First the fronts were letterpressed in red, followed by foil stamping in gold.  While those were then being die cut and scored, we worked on the insides.  Since we actually made two different versions of the card - one for Haute Box subscribers and one for our wholesale vendors, we had four runs for the inside red pieces.  And because our new white printer wouldn't print as big as the inside piece needed to be, we had to glue two pieces to the inside!  Finally, we glued on the backing to seal it all together.

And last, but not least, we ran the computer calligraphy on the red envelopes and put our elves (aka finishing department) to work placing the 4 stamps on the outside.  

We hope you enjoy the card as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you!  Happy Holidays!


Hot off the Press: Silver Foil Holiday Suite

Nothing like saving the best for last!  I've been waiting for weeks to share this last holiday card suite with you.  We created this for one of Haute Papier's dearest friends and long time client, Nancy Margaret.  She wanted a big "wow" factor this year since the birth of her and her husband's first child happened in 2011 and she had the most adorable photograph to share with friends and family.  We still can't figure out how they got all three dogs and the baby to sit still for this great shot by Jennifer Anderson Photography (once our neighbor in Leesburg!).  The cards were printed on Crane's 220# lettra (so luxurious!) with red letterpress and silver foil stamping on both the front and back.  The envelopes were the perfect shimmery red with silver foiled snowflakes falling on both the flap and front of the envelope... and we couldn't have a suite this great without custom stamps as a final touch!  Thank you to The Adlers for giving us the creative liberty, as always,  to put this wintery delight together for you!

Wrap to your heart's content

creative_gift_wrapAt Haute Papier, we agonize over the perfect gift wrap.  Whether it's wrapping everything in the same paper with the same bows or personalized paper and embellishments for each recipient, we (and by we, I mean me, Sarah) think about it for months.  Is it better to have the overwhelming abundance of different colors and patterns under the tree or the symbiotic and classic look of kraft paper with green grosgrain bows?  What have I done this year, you're just going to have to wait and see, but until then here are a bunch of ideas for wrapping and embellishing to your hearts contest! 1. Linea Paper Garland (I know, I already shared this earlier this week, but I couldn't resist resharing) 2. Quilled Snowflake Ornament (isn't this the most beautiful package topper?!) 3. Don't Open Tags 4. Translucent Wrapping (the simple folding and refolding of tissue paper is so beautiful!) 5. Cut Flower Bow (this is really simple - just cut the loops of a premade bow and voila!) 6. Divine Twine 7. Kraft Paper Wrap (I love adorning packages with pieces of greens from the yard) 8. Sewing Patterns as Gift Wrap