Sunday Sewing!

Leaf_GarlandaI've been waiting all week to share this sewing project that I put together last weekend!!!  Hurry out and pick up some colored leaves before they all brown to put together this garland for your door.  It didn't take long at all and lasted for a whole week before a big gust of wind pulled it down. Here's how I made it :)  First, I gathered a ton of maple leaves and since it was early in the morning and they were slightly damp, I "oven dried" them!  Yes, I put the oven on as low as it would go and gave them about 2 minutes in there so I didn't get my sewing machine totally wet when stitching them up.  DSC_0014

Then I simply ran them through the sewing machine (with white thread) being careful to make sure there were always two leaves going through at the same time so the garland had a full look to it. I just kept going until I thought it was long enough and then went outside and tried and it worked out to be the perfect length!

DSC_0029Happy Crafting!

A First Birthday!

EttasParty Oh what fun, our little Miss Etta Marie turned one!  This meant one thing – it was time to party!

Her soiree was a “Pizza, Pops & Playtime” theme and we put a ton of work into the details!  We decided to use two of Smock's wonderful papers from their Everday line which can be found at Haute Papier Leesburg.  The purple and red of the Flounce and Quadrille flat papers really captured the playful look we were going for.  We designed the invitations to include a hand-cut one and coordinating liner.

We used the four designs for paper decorations throughout the house.  Our favorite touch? The delicate sewn circle garland strung throughout.  Of course, the refreshments fit the theme.

Did you know there were so many foods with the word pop in them? Popcorn, pop rocks, pop chips, cake pops and the list goes on and on!  Overall it was a truly adorable event and fun was had by all. Happy Birthday to Etta Marie!

Wrap to your heart's content

creative_gift_wrapAt Haute Papier, we agonize over the perfect gift wrap.  Whether it's wrapping everything in the same paper with the same bows or personalized paper and embellishments for each recipient, we (and by we, I mean me, Sarah) think about it for months.  Is it better to have the overwhelming abundance of different colors and patterns under the tree or the symbiotic and classic look of kraft paper with green grosgrain bows?  What have I done this year, you're just going to have to wait and see, but until then here are a bunch of ideas for wrapping and embellishing to your hearts contest! 1. Linea Paper Garland (I know, I already shared this earlier this week, but I couldn't resist resharing) 2. Quilled Snowflake Ornament (isn't this the most beautiful package topper?!) 3. Don't Open Tags 4. Translucent Wrapping (the simple folding and refolding of tissue paper is so beautiful!) 5. Cut Flower Bow (this is really simple - just cut the loops of a premade bow and voila!) 6. Divine Twine 7. Kraft Paper Wrap (I love adorning packages with pieces of greens from the yard) 8. Sewing Patterns as Gift Wrap