Make-it Monday : Chalkboard Illustrations

Since my sister was visiting this weekend, I didn't get a chance to do any crafting, but I did come across this awesome (and super easy) tutorial from Molly Jacques! If you love chalkboard typography as much as I do, you'll be super interested in how to translate a pencil sketch into a beautiful white on black print!  Visit her blog here for the photoshop how to!

Sunday Sewing!

Leaf_GarlandaI've been waiting all week to share this sewing project that I put together last weekend!!!  Hurry out and pick up some colored leaves before they all brown to put together this garland for your door.  It didn't take long at all and lasted for a whole week before a big gust of wind pulled it down. Here's how I made it :)  First, I gathered a ton of maple leaves and since it was early in the morning and they were slightly damp, I "oven dried" them!  Yes, I put the oven on as low as it would go and gave them about 2 minutes in there so I didn't get my sewing machine totally wet when stitching them up.  DSC_0014

Then I simply ran them through the sewing machine (with white thread) being careful to make sure there were always two leaves going through at the same time so the garland had a full look to it. I just kept going until I thought it was long enough and then went outside and tried and it worked out to be the perfect length!

DSC_0029Happy Crafting!

HOMEMADE Stuffed Elephants!!!

So, with tons of friends having babies and lots of kids all around, I thought I'd share the sewing that I've been up to recently as my Make-It Monday post today.  I came across a couple of patterns for stuffed animals at Magical Scraps (amazing fabric/kids items store in Breckenridge) by Valori Wells from Stitchin' Post and couldn't resist getting Elsa the Elephant and Leonardo the Lion!  Here are some pictures of the steps in making the Elephant. Stuffed_Elephant_PatternThe pattern was very easy to follow and it's a good project for a beginning sewer.  Basically, cut out the shape, sew the edges with a seam allowance, turn and stuff, then close it up!  I can't wait to share Leonardo the Lion with you next week!  Until then, go visit Valori's site to order the patterns!  (I'm currently swooning over Prudence and Henry, a giant owl and oversized elephant!)

Trick or Treat!

We’ve got the Halloween spirit over here so, we put together some FREE downloadable templates for you to use when having friends over for a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Party.  Happy Crafting!


All of the templates are for personal use only.  If you love them, let us know!  Stay tuned for Thanksgiving inspired designs!

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