Shinning in Silver & Gold!

We've been waiting for what feels like forever to share our newest products with you and I'm so excited it's finally here.  Now that the commencement of the National Stationery Show is just days away, we'll be showcasing one of our fabulous products launching this year each day for the next few.  So, stay tuned to see it all! First up, our Foil Stamped Patterned Notebooks!  They're available in both gold and silver foil in two sizes (small = 2.5" x 5" and large = 5" x 7").  If you're at the show come see us in Booth #2046 to place your order or if you're not at the show, shoot us an email and we'll email you all of the information and order form.

HOMEMADE Stuffed Elephants!!!

So, with tons of friends having babies and lots of kids all around, I thought I'd share the sewing that I've been up to recently as my Make-It Monday post today.  I came across a couple of patterns for stuffed animals at Magical Scraps (amazing fabric/kids items store in Breckenridge) by Valori Wells from Stitchin' Post and couldn't resist getting Elsa the Elephant and Leonardo the Lion!  Here are some pictures of the steps in making the Elephant. Stuffed_Elephant_PatternThe pattern was very easy to follow and it's a good project for a beginning sewer.  Basically, cut out the shape, sew the edges with a seam allowance, turn and stuff, then close it up!  I can't wait to share Leonardo the Lion with you next week!  Until then, go visit Valori's site to order the patterns!  (I'm currently swooning over Prudence and Henry, a giant owl and oversized elephant!)

Baby, it's cold outside!

Cowl While I love the beauty in the golden color of the gingkos and the crunching of the cranberry and sienna tinted maple leaves under my boots on the Georgetown cobblestone sidewalks, I just can't bring myself to like the cooler temperatures that came along with the start of October.  It happens every year, Summer just slips away too fast and the holiday rush is here at Haute Papier!

While I haven't made this Make-it Monday project yet, I can't wait to find a snuggly fabric to adorn in little pom poms to cut the chill in the air!  I found it on one of my favorite blog, the purl bee.  You can find the full directions here and next time you're in NYC, be sure to stop by their store in SoHo for some amazing fabrics and yarns!

photo from the purl bee blog

sarah LOVES seersucker

For Make-It Monday, I wanted to share this adorable seersucker skirt that I made to wear to Twilight Polo on Saturday night.  I found the pattern, which is actually for a kid's sized skirt on Make It and Love It.  I had a vision (pleats, bow, seersucker) in my head and was SO thrilled when I found a tutorial that matched exactly that! SeersuckerSkirtYou'll need to sew to make this one, but it's a super simple pattern - it only took me an hour to get it together and now I can't wait to make more of them in different colors.  The skirt is comfortable and cute, yet nice enough to wear for work!  Happy Crafting!!