Crayon Rings Are Cool

Where have Timothy Liles' crayon rings been all my life?  These are just too cool for words.  Just imagine all the possibilities for the newest hand accessory on the scene.  I'm thinking better brainstorming sessions at work, nicer teacher's comments on a less than inspired paper or even the best birthday party favor ever!  But let's be honest, once you get the crayon rings on your finger are you ever really going to want to draw with them?  At $50 for 8 rings probably not!


Pick up this new twist on costume jewelry at Oye Modern.  But hurry ... they have been selling out so fast you have to pre-order!


Haute Holiday

We’re sure most people moan and groan at the sight of holiday merchandise in stores before Halloween. Is anyone really thinking about Christmas gifts in September and October? Okay, maybe you aren’t, but at Haute Papier we certainly are, and we couldn’t be more excited.  We are thrilled to announce that we have designed (with a little help from our interns Allison and Christine) nine fun and festive gift tags for the 2009 holiday season! These letterpress holiday gift tags will add the perfect finishing touch to any gift this winter. gifttagblogimage

Individual designs are available in boxes of ten for ten dollars. Each box also contains matching ribbon for tying your gifts.  If you’d like to get your hands on some visit our local retailer or contact us.

Happy (almost) Holidays!

Icing on the Cake...

It's such a delight to hear from clients for whom our couture designs and materials serve as sources of inspiration and pleasure! This morning, Sarah discovered in her mailbox an email from one such client, Lauren, who wrote: "Ok, I had to share. I had my cake lady design the cake based upon that pretty paper you used in my invitations. The final cake is going to have the scroll work in gold." Lauren even attached a photo of the gorgeous, four-tiered cake, which is shown below. Lauren chose Fluffy Thoughts Bakery in McLean, Virginia to make her cake.


The Art of Coordinating Paperie

I'm a complete sucker for coordinating papierie... not to the point of being mother/daughter matching Lilly Pulitzer, but I like when things go together just right! My mom, sisters and I hosted a tea for my cousin who is getting married a couple of weekends ago and I wanted to share the pics and template for creating your own matching tea paperie.  Click here for the original post from The District Domestic.dsc_0120We created these super cute little tea bags by sewing together two pieces of very fine mesh on three sides then using embroidery floss to stitch around the top.  Once filled with tea, all it takes is pulling the thread tight to close the bag.  Here's the template for making the tags on the end of the thread.

dsc_0116Here are the tags that went on the loose leaf tea that we used to fill the homemade tea bags with.


And here are the tags for the food and favors.

Happy Tea Party!