Typefaces - 101

periodic table of fonts

So finally a Periodic Table for printers to enjoy - yes even me.  No, I was definitely not the best chemistry student much to the disappointment of my very scientific parents.   (Just to clarify this is Erin a major history and lit geek and not Sarah who is a total geek so probably aced every pop quiz on the Periodic Table of Elements thrown her way - but don't worry there won't be a quiz at the end of this post).  It's just something cool that the designers over at Squidspot came up with.  The table places fonts into "families" by column and groups the typefaces by popularity.  Of course the table only captures a small sampling of the the millions of fonts out there, but it's still tons of fun.  I'm hoping to stumble across another soon with all the beautiful scripts I'm particularly keen on.  In the meantime, I can't wait to pass someone on the street who took advantage of the gear shop at Squidspot and snatched up one of their Helvetica tees.