Haute Papier Field Trip

Last Friday, Haute Papier trekked up to Baltimore to pick up our largest ever order of silk stationery boxes.  We were racing against the clock to get to the warehouse before a union-mandated hour lunch break.  We just squeeked in under the cut off time.  Whew! The whole way up we were worried about the possibility of unexpected problems at the warehouse.  You see, domestic and international shipments come to the same warehouse and if there's a suspected problem (like the radioactive matter that was "oozing" out of a crate last time we were there) Customs can come in and shut the place down at any time.  Needless to say, no one wants to wait hours for their freight pick-up after driving an hour to get there.  DSC_0049

Prepared as always, we had plenty of reading material (Twlight and New Moon) with us just in case.  Luckily, that wasn't our fate this time.  We made it in time, all our paperwork cleared the front office and the loading dock operator was nice enough to help us unload our beautiful silk boxes.


It was so exciting to open all the gorgeous, colorful boxes and even more exciting when all thirteen crates fit in our two small sedans.  The experience can definitely be intimidating if you're not used to all the procedures associated with freight pick-up, but everything is back at our studio safe and sound and ready to be shipped out to our vendors!