Welcome Back Students!

Post9.6 Well it's that time of the year again!  Haute Papier's youngest friends are headed back to school.  Awaiting many of them are boxes of our paper scrap!  It's truly a trash to treasure story around here, folks.  One of our favorite ways to give back is with pound & pounds of paper scrap donated to area first grade classrooms.  We know the budgets can be tight for the little extras in a classroom so we try and bring a smile to student AND their teachers by providing wonder paper scraps for classroom projects throughout the year.  Do you know a worthy first grade class?  If so, let us know and we'll get a box right out to them!  Happy crafting & learning this year, little ones!

Crafting for Charity

One of Haute Papier's 2010 initiatives is to return to the wonderful world of crafting that we thoroughly enjoyed (read - had time for) prior to launching Haute Papier.  Many of our accomplishments with Haute Papier can be traced directly to growing up crafting and we figured getting back in the swing of things will only get the creative juices flowing in new ways! After chatting with a close friend about these new found goals, it didn't take her too long to introduce me to the idea of crafting for charity.  Each month, her crafting club donates their beautiful goods to Made 4 Aid (an organization dedicated to relief work in Darfur).  Next month's dontations, however, will be sent to Craft Hope for Haiti - an new Etsy shop benefiting Doctor's Without Borders in Haiti.  Crafters may make their donation directly through Craft Hope.  Non-crafters need not feel left out - simply pledge your support by purchasing from a ton of wonderfully hand-crafted items on the Etsy store!