Introducting... Our New Website!!!

We're so excited to finally launch and introduce our brand, spanking new website to you!  We've been hard at work photographing beautiful stationery, designing new home goods and letterpressing coasters galore in preparation and now that it's live, we've got a deal for you!   

EVERYTHING, yes, everything on our website is 20% off for the next week only!!! So take a look around, stock up on birthday gifts, wrapping supplies and holiday presents and enter "LAUNCH" at checkout for the discount.

Happy shopping (and thanks for taking a look around at our new site)!


Paper Sale!

Post10.4 During our big move, we came across tons of paper used during various projects.  I'm talking really nice paper - couture project worthy!  But since we don't have plans for the paper we figured we would have a little "studio" sale.  (Think yard sale, but we don't have a yard!)  We're selling the paper by the box for only $30 per..  The paper is all different shapes, sizes and colors.  We even have some envelopes to make some DIY stationery.  I know, I know!  At $30 per box, this is a steal of a deal!  In fact, I'm rethinking it right now so hurry before I change my mind!


Summer Coaster Special!!!

Haute_Papier_Summer_Coaster_PromoIn honor of the sweltering heat (well actually in honor of all of the hostess gifts we need ourselves for the next couple of weeks), we're running a special sale on our letterpressed coasters.  Order on our website here, and enter coupon code "seasonalcoasters" by July 30th to get the 50 extra coasters free!  This special deal makes 150 letterpressed custom coasters only $90!!! Happy Summer!