Our Newest Product!

We're excited to finally have some pictures to share of one of our favorite products we launched back in May at the National Stationery Show.  Our Executive Note Pads come in three different sizes (small, skinny and large) and in a bunch of different combo packs.  Best part?  The pricing!  Our small pad retails for $11, skinny for $13 and large for $16!  Each pad comes with 75 sheets of paper personalized with your color (or colors), monogram, motifs, etc!  With over 80 fonts, 80 monograms, 80 motifs and an endless abundance of different ink colors, it doesn't get much more customized than this!!!  To order, give us a call (866.740.4222) or email us at info (at) hautepapier (dot) com!!Executive_Note_Pads_Intro