Haute Papier Grows!!!

KateIntroHere at Haute Papier, we're delighted to announce and introduce the newest member to the team, Kate Meyer, Client Coordinator!  If you're a current vendor, Kate will soon be calling to say hi!  She's excited to meet you all and looking forward to being your most efficient and useful resource for all things Haute Papier! Since we love things a little more fun around here we asked Kate to share three random facts with us, much like the ones you may have read about owners, Sarah & Erin here.  Here's what she said:

  • * I'm a history nerd and can name all of the Presidents and depending on the day, almost all of them in order!  (We say quiz her the next time you call!)
  • * Following in my love for history, I named my cat Roosevelt
  • * Despite my clumsiness and constant tripping over things in the office, I love to dance and took lessons for several years

Welcome Kate!  We're delighted to have you on board!