HP is Earth Friendly!

watermk_lettraHaute Papier is proud to use Crane's Lettra for all letterpressing from our lines. What's earth friendly, you ask? Crane papers are unique in the fact that all of their paper products are 100% tree-free. It actually wasn't till the 1860s that companies started cutting down trees to use as the raw materials for their paper goods. What Crane does is use a material called “linters” as the base of their paper, which is basically the tiny fibers that cling to the cotton seed after the ginning process. These little fibers must be removed in order to efficiently extract cottonseed oil. Normally these linters would be thrown into the landfills or used as cattle feed, but Crane puts them to good use by creating their high end papers from them. On top of all this, they also take many other steps to ensure they have an environmentally friendly product, like using bleaches that are similar to Clorox which are gentler.

Also, they have their own waste water treatment facility where they process any organic waste produced in the paper making process into topsoil. So, now you know... At HP we're doing our part in all sorts of ways to help the environment!