NBC's Font Battle

Boston-based type foundry Font Bureau is suing NBC, asking for "no less than $2 million" in damages following an alleged infringement of typeface license agreements. Font Bureau claims that NBC purchased a single-user license allowing FB fonts like Bureau Grotesque, Antenna, and Interstate to be used on one computer only, and then illegally transferred font files to other computers in order to produce marketing materials for shows like Saturday Night Live and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. That last one hurts a little bit, because we actually think Jimmy Fallon's branding was well-done - a welcome break from NBC's usually heavy-handed use of fonts. Seriously, can they quit it yet with the drop shadows? image

Nonetheless, this stands to be the largest battle waged in the name of fonts... ever. Interestingly, NBC will probably be forced to settle: if they contest the suit, a court may order a suspension of use of the fonts until the case has been ruled upon, thereby forcing NBC to immediately redo all of their marketing materials.

More information can be found at Cityfile, which broke the story.