That TYPE of day

We've been running around here trying to get our Silk Stationery line out the door all day long (and since we were successful we'll have more on that next week)!  Every one in a while when we're not glued to our computers, we'll put on a movie or one of the guilty pleasure tv shows we're not allowed to watch at home just to pass the time.  Now because Sarah and I bypassed design school, neither of us had seen the documentary "Helvetica" which has graced my my Netflix cue for some time.  We finally got around to watching it today.  For anyone who is unfamiliar, "Helvetica" traces the history of the most common typeface used today and inserts commentary by prominent typographers.  The documentary got us thinking and discussing how we use different typefaces to create emotions for our own clients.  If you're at all interested in typography it certainly is a must see.  It also provides just enough artist ranting to bring on some fits of laughter.