Introducing Purnima!

You may have already met Haute Papier‘s newest proofer extraordinaire, Purnima, since she’s been with us for a few weeks now, but we insisted she share a few fun facts about herself … make sure you pass along an extra special 'welcome' next time you speak with Purnima!

Here’s what she said:

  • *I really like the Haute Papier Coasters!!  I enjoy putting together all the different combinations of motifs, monograms, and fonts and seeing what people's creativity with them.  I would have never thought to letterpress coasters ever before I came to Haute Papier - they're my favorite product we sell!
  • * I visited Turkey for a day on my way to Bangladesh and that was a awesome experience! I loved going to the grand bazaar in Sultanahmet, seeing all the hand made crafts and rugs and eating all the local food!
  • * Since I'm South Asian, rice is absolutely the #1 food that I cannot live without.

Thanks for sharing Purnima!!!