Intern Invites

It's not even August yet, but I'm already feeling the back-to-school vibe with department stores swapping racks of bathing suits for backpacks. So before my friends all return to their respective colleges, I thought I'd host one last get together -- a cocktail party -- and it'd be the perfect chance for me to test the invitation-crafting skills I've acquired this summer at Haute Papier. It's going to be my close girlfriends -- so I know I want feminine colors and images. I'm thinking summer-y colors: pinks, reds, oranges. I've come up with this funky floral design -- it's really fun, but still cute and feminine. I'm thinking about printing this pattern as a background on the invitation card, with a white box in the middle that will have the actual text.

I'm still working on completing the design and invitation, but I wanted to share my ideas and the graphics I've been working on -- I'll be sure to post the finished product. I think my friends will be impressed with the invitations for a fun night of sundresses and cocktails.