One Week at a Time!

Hi!  It’s Elaine and Mandy once again!  Our last couple of internship weeks are upon us, and we wanted to share some important things we have learned!  Being an intern isn’t always the easiest process from the start.  We had to become accustomed with the specific way Haute Papier operates from a day-to-day basis.  We quickly learned that asking questions was extremely important.   It takes patience, eagerness, and enthusiasm to get the most out of working with a company such as Haute Papier because some projects can take hours to complete.  It is crucial to treat each and every invitation as it was the first because you want all them to look perfect.  

We had the opportunity to work on Miranda and Eric’s wedding invitations as well as Morgan and Preston’s invitations.  Both wedding invitations were absolutely stunning in their own way, and we enjoyed working on both of them! 

Elaine has also been working on enhancing the pictures and graphics from the Haute Papier website.  Mandy has also had the opportunity to work with Sarah on designing flowers in Adobe Illustrator for an Haute Papier client. 


Stay tuned to see which flowers get chosen!