Viva Snail Mail!

As many of you already know, stamp prices will rise by one cent – to 45 cents – starting January 22, 2012.  Postcards will rise in cost from 29 cents to 32 cents. International letters, standard mail, and packages will also get hit with slightly higher costs as well.

Although this is frustrating for some, I think the extra penny is a small price to pay to keep mail flying through the air! Let’s not forget how much we love sending and receiving cards in the mail. And, look at the bright side – now we can go buy some wonderful new stamp designs!

Check out this great project I found! Jeshurun Webb, a graphic designer, initiated a postcard correspondence with her mailman by sending him mail to her address and leaving a pen in her mailbox so he could reply! Read about it and see images of the postcards she created here.

Viva snail mail!