PressesareinOur stars aligned today when the incredibly talented riggers at Commercial Rigging, Inc in Woodbridge, VA succeeded in getting all three of our presses, including the new massive 12x18 C&P's from our friends at Boxcar Press into our new warehouse space in Rosslyn, Virginia.  (Yes, run on sentence.  That's what you get when we've been up since 5am and just stopped working at 7pm)  More pictures to come next week!  We took a ton and can't wait to share them.  For now, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of Erin and my heart's to our team, our riggers and our friends for making this happen!!! Happy Weekend to All!

Want to win LETTERPRESSED Coasters?!

NamingContest We're just so excited!  Our new presses are almost here.  Despite a few bumps in the road with the trucking company, the rigging company now has our presses and they'll be delivered to our new larger warehouse in Arlington, Virginia tomorrow!  One last task, well, I guess there are many, but one last one you can help us with!  We need to name them!  Our other C&P is Gertrude since she's got a great work ethic and is a strong lady!  Now, we're looking for the most creative names for these two!  They're Chandler & Price 12x18 presses (one has a Kluge feeder) and since they're coming as partners in crime, we're hoping to name them as a pair.

Winner gets a set of boxed coasters from our new Fall Collection!  Your choice!

It's as simple as commenting on this post - we'll pick a winner next Friday (September 23rd) at noon!  Good luck!

(Thank you SO much to our friends at Boxcar Press for these lovely photos!)