A little science experiment!

We had a fun moment last year at the National Stationery Show while visiting our friends at Sapling Press.  Their collection of correspondence cards in cahoots with dearblankpleaseblank.com are great!  They are super funny and there is something for everyone in the bunch.  We were laugh out loud belly laughing in their booth!  There was one card, though, that brought on confused looks rather than chuckles.  It really stumped us.  It was a note to Diet Coke from Mentos.  We didn't get it ... at all!  Lisa (owner extraordinaire of Sapling Press) had to explain that when you drop a Mentos into a Diet Coke an explosion occurs.  Who knew?  Okay so I guess it's sort of well know, but when we found a Diet Coke - Mentos - Geyser toy we knew we had to try this little experiment out ourselves.  See the shenanigans below!   Kuddos to Sapling for a great collection of greetings! Post9.27