Easy Etiquette - Choosing An Envelope Addressing Method!

We, of course, love love love the look of beautiful hand-written calligraphy!  It's that extra special touch that make your invited guests just swoon.  At a cost of between $3.50 and $5.50 it is certainly not in everyone's budget, but it's a great little extra for those who must have it!  A pain-stacking art practiced by fewer and fewer in recent years, this is definitely the most formal and traditional way to address a wedding invitation suite.  Though Haute Papier does not have a calligrapher on staff, we work with a handful of the country's most respected calligraphers to ensure that your invitations are addressed perfectly!

If traditional calligraphy is not in your budget, please don't fret since it no longer means you'll be hunched over for hours addressing your own invitations in what your elementary school teachers insisted was chicken scratch! Oh no, now computer printed addressing is widely available for all types of envelopes.  Haute Papier offers this for our couture and wholesale items, and at a cost of between $1.50 and $2.50 it's a great deal!  Check out how beautifully it can match your invitation set!  Anything from a traditional script font to a funky block is sure to catch the eye of your guests!