Vendor Spotlight: Sweet Paper

Sweet Paper in La Jolla, California is a fresh, fun and cheery atmosphere. The Ladies of Sweet Paper are availabe to thier clients for appointments and providing opinion on anything paper! The shop looks wonderful and after Sarah and Erin visited them in Feburary, I just had to find out more!! I was delighted to ask Theresa more questions.

How many years have you been in business? 1.5 years

Do you have a website, if so, what's the address? Yes, we have a website that features our blog -

If you were to sell something other than stationery, what would it be? Theresa would sell vintage, upcycled furniture and home goods.  Julie would like to sell jewelry if she was not in the stationery business.

Besides the obvious (stationery), what is your favorite thing to give as a hostess gift? Theresa loves Haute Papier Coaster sets as a hostess gift, but since that could be considered stationery. The runner up would be Cake Kitchen Papers, decorative serving papers and placemats. Julie enjoys giving candles as a hostess gift. My favorite is glassy baby ( and since each one is unique- you are never giving the same gift twice!

Here at Haute Papier, we love to eat!  When in NYC for the National Stationery Show, where is your favorite place to grab dinner? There are so many delicious options! Cafeteria for comfort food after a long day of walking the show is a great choice. Cafe Habana has Mexican style corn and chilaquiles.  But our absolute favorite is letting local friends and family lead the way, we always end up someplace new and the food is always amazing!

Any other tidbits about your store you'd like to share? We have Champagne Saturday every week- we pour free champagne for all our guests and usually have some little treat to go with it. It makes for a really fun atmosphere in the shop!

Thanks Ladies!! Can't wait to see you at the show.