Cupcake Love

I have a huge obsession with monograms...and cupcakes! Nothing makes me happier than seeing the two combined. Monograms add such a special touch to these delicate little treats! They’re perfect for parties, weddings and bridal showers! Check out these wonderful cupcakes and others below. Enjoy!







On Our Desks

Like many, we are totally swooning over Japanese Washi tape!  We just love it and can't get enough.  But paired with our acrylic tape dispensers it's just over the top!  We love the creative and modern feel of both the tape and dispenser.  The only problem we see ... which of the many wonderful colors and patterns do we want to use at any given time!  It truly is the small things in life that can bring a big 'ole smile to your face throughout the day!


I absolutely love typography and paper crafts, so when I came across Yulia Brodskaya's work, I immediately fell in love! Yulia uses thin strips of paper to create detailed illustrations using decorative swirls! The technique is known as "papergraphic" and can take a couple of days – or weeks to finish! Check out her website for more beautiful samples of her work!

Emily's Stationery Shop

A few days ago, in the midst of her annual Spring cleaning, my mother came across a special piece of artwork I made when I was seven years old! She emailed me this picture and proceeded to explain how I used to hand paint note cards and sell them to my friends and family. I have to say though – minus the awful clip art and misspelling of “stationery,” my price point was right on... not exactly! Clearly, I’ve been passionate about stationery from a young age!