Make-it Monday : Chalkboard Illustrations

Since my sister was visiting this weekend, I didn't get a chance to do any crafting, but I did come across this awesome (and super easy) tutorial from Molly Jacques! If you love chalkboard typography as much as I do, you'll be super interested in how to translate a pencil sketch into a beautiful white on black print!  Visit her blog here for the photoshop how to!

Emily's Stationery Shop

A few days ago, in the midst of her annual Spring cleaning, my mother came across a special piece of artwork I made when I was seven years old! She emailed me this picture and proceeded to explain how I used to hand paint note cards and sell them to my friends and family. I have to say though – minus the awful clip art and misspelling of “stationery,” my price point was right on... not exactly! Clearly, I’ve been passionate about stationery from a young age!

Get your GREEN THUMB on!

If you’re like me and sad to have it still be winter (darn groundhog), here’s a great gardening gift that you can make inside for the green-thumb in your life. Begonias are one of the easiest plants to propagate; most varieties only need a little water to start new roots. They come in infinite varieties (I love the leaves as much as the flowers) and stand up incredibly well as city house plants (requiring relatively low light, rather infrequent waterings (a once-a-week soaking will suffice in a pot with good drainage), and they are undeniably gorgeous.  Click below for the how-to.

How to: Propagate Begonias

Prepare a small container by washing thoroughly, making sure to leave no residue of suds.  The smaller the container, the better since the cutting will release growth hormones into the water to help the new roots develop.  Fill with tepid water.

Snip a large healthy leaf and place it in the water.  Leave in a sunny window.

When significant roots show up (2-3 weeks), gently remove the cutting and plant in potting soil in a well-draining pot.  Enjoy!

Here’s a great link for more information Pics from here

Menage Fine Stationery & Gifts


Menage Fine Stationery & Gifts is a quaint store for all your stationery needs. It has been in business as long as us here at Haute Papier (five years)! Dixie and the ladies at Menage work hard to supply Memphis with their desires in the world of stationery. I just had to ask her more!!


How many years have you been in business?  5 years in June

 Do you have a website, if so, what's the address?

If you were to sell something other than stationery, what would it be? We are already a gift and stationery store...a regular destination for our gift giving friends!  We have a unique gift wrap that they all seam to love, but if I could add another dimension it might be to add more in the way of calligraphy supplies and perhaps a few office/desk inspired antiques.

 Besides the obvious (stationery), what is your favorite thing to give as a hostess gift? Wine related gifts, cocktail napkins, vases, cheese knives.

 Here at Haute Papier, we love to eat!  When in NYC for the National Stationery Show, where is your favorite place to grab dinner? My philosophy is NEVER eat anywhere you can eat at home!  I love to seek out neighborhood restaurants.  One of my recent successes was wild Ginger, 380 Broome St., New York, NY 10013 - a very reasonably priced vegetarian stop in Soho.

 Any other tidbits about your store you'd like to share? We opened our doors almost 5 years ago less than a mile from another well established Memphis paper store in the heart of East Memphis. So we have never had Crane or William Arthur!  We have steadily carved our niche in the beautiful world of letterpress.