2011 National Christmas Tree Lighting

Nothing kicks off the holiday season like a peppermint mocha from Starbucks, a cozy winter hat, and tickets to The 2011 National Christmas Tree Lighting!

As Kate and I journeyed into President’s Park, we expected to watch the show from the standing room section. To our surprise, a gentleman offered us upgraded tickets and escorted us to press section, where we seated five rows away from The President and The First Family!

Carson Daly hosted an amazing show with performances from Marsha Ambrosius, Rodney Atkins, Big Time Rush, Ellie Goulding, and One Republic (our favorite!)

As Christmas music filled the air, we realized the holiday season was finally here! Wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed holiday season!

Make-It Monday from Colorado!

NecklaceGreetings from Breckenridge!  I'm here on a little get-away at our friend's beautiful home before the holiday rush begins at Haute Papier!   Yesterday we went for a great hike and then visited the Summer Fun Park at the bottom of the gondola where we panned for gems.  Yes, panned for gems with all of the kids.  I did ask and we weren't the first adults to take part!  Once we saw the gorgeous pieces of granite and quartz that the youngings were uncovering, I couldn't resist the urge to make a necklace from them. The process was simple.  I purchased some silk cording, thin gold wire and a bead to act as a fastener at the end of the necklace at the bead store in town and then went to town on wrapping our findings.  I left a loop at the top of the stone to tread it onto the silk and tied little knots at the end so I could adjust the length of the necklace. Isn't it pretty?


Vendor Spotlight- Paces Papers

PacesPapers2 Haute Papier is excited to feature Paces Papers in Atlanta, Georgia. Paces Papers is an elegant stationery store in the heart of Atlanta. Their wonderful staff can help you find a wide variety of papery and gifts. Jackie Howard, owner extraordinaire, has been in Atlanta for almost forty years and has been supplying multiple generations with their stationery needs! Haute Papier asked Jackie and her ladies some of our favorite questions:

How many years have you been in business?  Jackie has owned Paces Papers for 37 years.  Store manager, Emmi, has been with Paces Papers for over three years.

If you were to sell something other than stationery, what would it be?  I'd love to sell art - run a gallery, or maybe a bakery.

Besides the obvious (stationery), what is your favorite thing to give as a hostess gift?  Emmi enjoys giving a bottle of champagne.

Here at Haute Papier, we love to eat! When in NYC for the National Stationery Show, where is your favorite place to grab dinner? I usually stay with friends so they show me great little places- Brown and Orange in the lower east side are wonderful with a daily changing dinner menu and delicious baked egg skillets for breakfast. Also, Emmi has recently discovered Roberta's Pizza in Brooklyn- yum!!

Any other tidbits about your store you'd like to share? Every once and a while we try to have arts and crafts time, just as a little break. We'll make paper flowers, paper dresses, a new display for the store. Emmi says that it keeps the creative juices flowing-- plus glitter is usually involved-- who could be un-cheered by that?

Nuts about Nectar Skin Bar!

Haute Papier recently visited Nectar Skin Bar and to say we're a little gaga is an understatement!  We fell completely in love with the ambience - it's calm and romantic wrapped into one soothing locale.  Great for a break from all the bridal brainstorming or for your spa services the day of the wedding, Nectar has it all!  While you're there, don't forget the groom-to-be!  Nectar carries a wide array of wonderful and exclusive products for him and her.  Oh!  And did I mention that we can walk there in about 5 minutes from our Georgetown studio?  Heaven! Post8.30